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Brian and Amy Reisnauer

Ownership Team

The celebration of family is a key to what makes O'Hara's special. Brian is Michele's big brother, and once we began discussing this project, it became obvious that we needed his involvement. Pass through the storefront at O'Hara's and be treated to a level of craftsmanship befitting the history of the Irish Pub. Approach the 30-foot long dark hardwood bar, and get a sense not only of the commitment to excellence that is prevalent throughout all of the woodwork details in the space, but of the teamwork between Brian and Amy. You see, Amy did the drawings for the bar, and Brian brought those plans to life. After serving in the US Marine Corps during Desert Storm, and years as a cabinet maker, Brian is now a commercial builder in Raleigh, NC. When we shared our passion for the pub, he and Amy took the idea and turned it into so much more than we ever imagined possible. Every time we look at their beautiful work, and its lasting impact on the space, we are warmed by the privilege of sharing this experience of our family with yours.